The International Hop Growers’ Convention has been set up to safeguard the interests of the hop growers and of the whole hop industry in the member countries. It is a global hop industry network for growers, merchants and other experts in a hop industry from 20 countries from all 5 continents (12 countries from EU, USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Russia, Ukraine, Argentina, and China). Its core members are producers’ associations and trading companies with a keen interest in a global hop market. The IHGC activities are carried out within its working bodies:

  • Executive Committee directs and represents the IHGC. It plans IHGC activities – to convene various meetings, to schedule and to implement resolutions, to admit and expel members as well as to interpret standing orders (more);
  • Economic Committee to collect and estimate statistics of a world hop industry such as hop acreage, crops, alpha-acid production, hop varieties produced, forward contracts, price levels of hops in member countries (more);
  • Scientific-Technical Committee to promote and exchange technical and research results in hop breeding, hop varieties, chemistry and brewing value of hops, hop diseases and pests as well as in production and processing of hops (more);
  • Committee on Regulatory Harmonization to link the US Hop Industry Plant Protection Committee and the EU Commodity Expert Group for Hops (more)

Hop growers of Slovenia have been actively involved in a promotion of technological research, hop market analysis and sector lobbying since the very beginning of the IHGC (1951). In 2019 the IHGC congress will be held in Slovenia for the fourth time. So far, the congresses have been held in Žalec (1953), Ljubljana (1969) and in Žalec again in 1992. The biannual IHGC congress presents an excellent opportunity for sharing expert opinions and market information, for visiting hop growing farms and research institutions in the host country as well as networking between participants and stakeholder.