Ljubljana, the capital of Slovenia, is a central European city lying between the Alps and the Adriatic Sea. It offers a blend of old charm and new cool, being a small, but stylish city of arts, music, history and gastronomy. With a population of 280,000, it is conveniently compact and a true walking city. It is therefore logistically easy to run congresses here. In their free time, delegates can easily explore the Old Town quarter, with its narrow cobbled streets and the embankments of the Ljubljanica river, which are lined with excellent restaurants (ideal for organising dine-arounds) and trendy and friendly bars. Over 60,000 university students contribute to the city’s youthful image and urban creativity. Ljubljana’s relaxing atmosphere and interesting shopping options – from antiques to art galleries and designer clothes are also appreciated by its visitors who universally commend the city as an extremely safe place to visit and experience.

Ljubljana basics

A European Union member state since 2004
Area: 273 km2
Population: 276,000
Average daily temperature in August: from 14 to 26 °C