Besides being known for immense hospitality of the locals and great food, the symbol of Savinja Valley has to be hops. After all, the valley has been growing hops for over one hundred years.

The Savinja Valley is surrounded by a chain of hills and is extremely rich in natural and cultural sights. This abundance especially shows in its geographic centre, where it stretches into a fertile plain.

Contributing greatly to the development of hop producing are the experts from the Slovenian Institute of Hop Research and Brewing, who have their headquarters in the very centre of Savinja Valley, Žalec. The town has been producing different varieties of hops for over 60 years. The Institute has been a constant helping hand, researching different sorts and giving expert opinion to hop growers, who are planning to plant a new hop variety.

The typical Savinja Valley gold-green hops is extremely valued, mostly because of its special quality Lupulin - aromatic resin.

Interesting stories

Eco Museum Of Hop Growing And Beer Making

The Eco Museum Of Hop Growing And Beer Making in Žalec is situated by a renovated hops drying facility. It is truly unique, uncovering the history and meaning and importance of hop growing and beer producing for the Savinja Valley in four floors.

Beer Fountain

The Green Gold beer fountain is the first beer fountain in the world, a tribute to the rich hop growing heritage of the Savinja Valley and Žalec, an epicentre of Slovenian hop growing. Since its opening in 2016, the fountain has been attracting beer lovers from all over the world.

Hop Growers Day

Ever since 1962, hop growers have had their annual celebration, organised by the Braslovče Tourist Organisation and the Slovenian Hop Growers Association. The event is held on the second Sunday of August every year in Braslovča, an area surrounded by hop gardens.

Hop Trail Hike

The trail leads the visitors from the Eco Museum Of Hop Growing, past hop gardens and Vrbje pond to the Roman necropolis and back to the museum. This 14 kilometer trail was pronounced the second best Slovenian theme trail in 2011.